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Many aircraft components are ETOPS only and, if swapped out for non-ETOPS parts, can reduce or cancel ETOPS capability. MPM Maintenance procedures manual MRBR Maintenance review board report MRC Maximum range cruise MSN Manufacturer serial number (i. ETOPS Part Control Program for Parts Upgrade. ETOPS Parts Control Programme 43. If more than one type of aircraft/fleet is included in a single application a completed matrix should be included for each aircraft/fleet. The certificate holder will typically request a specific ETOPS area of operation based on an analysis etops maintenance manual of proposed routings and the availability of airports sufficient to support the operational requirements of the ETOPS regulations. This is just one of the solutions for you to be successful. They can qualify for ETOPS, which extends that range to either 207 or 240 minutes, but the process is so time consuming and expensive, I&39;ve not heard of a single operator who has bothered.

maintenance and reliability program. The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) coined the acronym for Extended Twin Operations for twin-engine aircraft operation further than one hour from a diversion airport at the one-engine inoperative cruise speed, over water or remote lands, on routes previously restricted to three- and four-engine. · The ETOPS / EDTO certification is reflected by the issuance of an EDTO document.

· 120-42B - Extended Operations (ETOPS and Polar Operations) Date Issued J Responsible Office AFS-220 Description States an acceptable means but not the only means for obtaining approval under FAR Section 121. Configuration, Maintenance, and Procedures (CMP) Document – A document approved by the FAA that contains minimum configuration, operating, and maintenance requirements, hardware life-limits, and Master Minimum Equipment List (MMEL) constraints necessary for an airplane-engine combination to meet ETOPS type design approval requirements. ETOPS maintenance procedures were created to ensure the safety and reliability of flights operating at extended distances from alternate airports and to prevent or reduce the probability of a diversion or turnback with one engine out. That translates into a higher ceiling, higher cruise speed, higher climb rates, and a greater payload. Refer to Appendix G to determine your 180-minute engine etops maintenance manual out qualification: 1. Data management & analytics, back-office services, comprehensive consulting, state-of-the-art reporting & data visualization.

180 - Minute Operation 42-43 4. As mentioned the ESW show all NON-Routine and Routine ETOPS. 8 Does the ETOPS CAMP define an ETOPS maintenance entity? Objective: To instruct maintenance engineers on ETOPS basics and technical requirements based on operator ETOPS manual. 374, or equivalent. Explaining ETOPS – Extended Operations. It is based on the CFM56-3, but the.

The manual is to be used as a guide for company procedures. se Guide Boeing 737 MaintenanceETOPS Guide Volume II is now revised to reflect/700/800/900 Flight Crew Training Manual and (2)(iii) above (eg communication means) Page 5 of 65 Download Boeing Etops Guide Volume Iii Etops Guide Boeing 737 Maintenance. ETOPS (ExTended OPerationS) or EDTO (Extended Diversion Time Operations) EDTO is an aviation acronym for Extended Diversion Time Operations from ICAO (International Civil Aviation Authority. Requirements: The KLM Production Support Group will include all ROUTINE ETOPS Maintenance Tasks. While the. . Pilot training, Validation & Qualification, FSTD maintenance.

You cannot beat the wing. The Gulfstream V is almost perfect. We flew from Cincinnati, Ohio to Jeddah, Saudi, Arabia on one tank of gas, a trip of nearly 7,000 nautical miles.

A maintenance entity is certificated to engage in 14CFR part 121 operations or a repair station under 14CFR part 145 or an entity authorized pursuant to 14CFR. 20 RVSM OPERATIONS 1. The GV series, for example, will have a drift down altitude and airspeed which produces the best range but a low KTAS.

364, Maximum Flying Time Outside the United States 3. ETOPS approval requires manufacturers demonstrate compliance with ETOPS regulations for the airplane. Granting of an ETOPS Approval Introduction 1 Requirements 2 Operational Approval Considerations 2 Operator’s Propulsion System Reliability 3 Engineering Modification and Maintenance Programme Considerations 3 Flight Despatch Considerations 3 Flight Crew Training and Evaluation Programme 4 Operational Limitations 4 Operations Manual 5 Quality. · It&39;s not just the practices stated above. OPS procedure for operational tests on flight. Other requirements define data that must be listed in the airplane flight manual and in a configuration, maintenance, and. pridesource Boeing Etops Guide Volume IiiVolume Iii - alt.

To provide the students with a detailed overview of the key ETOPS history, legislation, documentation and approvals and to satisfy the requirements of EASA AMC 20-6 rev. 411, Maintenance Requirement Applicability 4. What is etops extended operations? Etops was founded in and offers a broad range of solutions and services for the financial industry from data collection, refinement and aggregation to high-end operations and consulting, from complex integration projects to state-of-the-art reporting, from data analytics and warehouses to mobile apps and dashboards. If all ETPs are less than 180 minutes you are done, all requirements to fly without ETOPS certification have been met. If you plan all of your operations to be within 180 minutes, engine-out of a suitable airport, you do not need ETOPS certification. Etops aggregates and consolidates your transactions, we reconcile your positions and we deliver your data in the format you need.

Read Online Etops Guide Boeing 737 Maintenance Etops Guide Boeing 737 Maintenance Thank you for reading etops guide boeing 737 maintenance. ETOPS (Extended Twinjets Operations) describes the operation of twin-engined aircraft over a route that contains a point further than one hour’s flying time from a diversion airport at the approved one-engine inoperative cruise speed. If you have access to Boeing publications you might find a basic version of an ETOPS Maintenance Manual that you might get some information from and possibly adapt for an airline&39;s use. . My first hop to Haw. 98, Operations in the North Polar Area 2. ETOPS authority for a specific ETOPS area of operations in their operations specifications (OpSpecs).

For example one of our 777&39;s with an apu out automatically drops from ETOPS etops maintenance manual 180 to ETOPS 120 because you are short one generator. After Aug, no certificate holder may operate an airplane, other than an all-cargo airplane with more than two engines, on a planned route that exceeds 180 minutes flying time (at the one-engine-inoperative cruise speed under standard conditions in still air) from an Adequate Airport outside the continental United States unless the operation is approved by the FAA in accordance with Appendix G of this part, Extended Operations (ETOPS). Operator&39;s ETOPS Operations Manual Matrix Section IV of this application form is the Operator&39;s ETOPS/EDTO Operations Manual Matrix. ETOPS is the permission granted by regulators for an airplane to fly at extended distances from an airport suitable for landing. Online Library Etops Maintenance Procedures Manual Etops Maintenance etops maintenance manual Procedures Manual Yeah, reviewing a book etops maintenance procedures manual could ensue your near associates listings. EDTO/ETOPS — configuration, maintenance and procedures (CMP) document The document approved by the Primary Certifying Authority and which contains the particular aeroplane configuration minimum requirements, including any special inspection, hardware life limits, master minimum equipment list (MMEL) constraints and maintenance practices found necessary to establish the suitability of an airframe‐engine combination for extended diversion time operation. It explains the expected level of service and competencies for ETOPS maintenance personnel.

Additionally ETOPS flights must have special flight planning and dispatch procedures to ensure safe operations within the ETOPS Areas. No, Explain Yes Note(s): A maintenance entity is authorized to perform ETOPS maintenance and complete the ETOPS PDSC. Maintenance regs for ETOPS twins are more strict than for quads. ETOPS Configuration, Maintenance and Procedures (CMP) The ETOPS CMP document contains the particular airframe-engine combination configuration minimum requirements, including any special inspection, hardware life limits, Master Minimum Equipment List (MMEL) constraints, operating and maintenance procedures found necessary by the Agency to establish the suitability of an airframe/engine combination for extended range operation. To fly this under, you would need to be certified for ETOPS. Ref KLM Etops Exposition Manual Chapter 5. Recent ETOPS Developments – 207-minute ETOPS policy enacted for North Pacific based on operational need, preservation of safety and 777 ETOPS capability. Part VIII issue I, dated along with FAA Advisory Circular AC120-42B and EASA AMC 20-6 for ETOPS operations.

The importance and meaning of ETOPS came to light when the first ETOPS certification was given to Trans World Airlines (TWA) in 1985. To be ETOPS qualified, operators must have Operations Specification B342 and B344, as detailed under FAA 8900. During the maintenance the ground engineer(s) will add all NON ROUTINE ETOPS Maintenance Task(s) on the ESW. For EDTO operations, the aircraft should be configured, maintained and operated according to the EDTO CMP document requirements. The airline must, over time, demonstrate that they are able to safely conduct ETOPS operations in order to increase their approved maximum deviation time. The Gulfstream V showed how a company can take a good idea and build on it. A GV&39;s Engine-Out 180-minute foot print can be figured at 358 KTAS but the selected speed is up to the pilot. Flight plan with normal Equal Time Points (ETPs).

See more results. Maintenance Facilities 3. The CMP document gathers the required configuration, maintenance, procedures and dispatch standards. 2 Effective: Annex II to ED Decision /012/R of and FAA AC-120-42B – Extended Operations (ETOPS and Polar Operations). The trips from the United States to Europe were never a problem: The aircraft has legs, no doubt about it. The Gulfstream IV was a Gulfstream III with a lot of the flaws addressed. 135 Appendix G, ETOPS A GIV, GV, G450, and G550 are all 180-minute engine-out qualified.

(h) 207-minute ETOPS in the North Pacific Area of Operations. 1, Volume 4, Chapter 6. Airplane Familiarization/700/800/900 Flight Crew Training Manual Aero 07 - ETOPS Maintenance - Boeing OWNER’S & OPERATOR’S GUIDE: 737NG FAMILY AMC-20 Amendment 7 - Annex II AMC 20-6 rev. APPENDIXAND MIN ETOPS MAINTENANCE REQUIREMENTS 1. com Boeing 737 Manuals Hydraulic.

Etops maintenance manual

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